Concours de meute sur lièvre

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Concours de meute sur lièvremidi libre
  • Whether planned for hare, deer or wild boar hunting, these pack of hound contests are based on the same principle: to hunt with a pack of dogs specially trained for tracking hares, which must be done with the best possible spirit and in accordance with ethical codes. As this type of event has gradually become commonplace, there is evidence of major changes regarding packs of dogs which, depending of course on weather conditions, are now able to work together very efficiently. Cheerfulness, friendliness and a spirit of sharing are always in the air! This year, the contest is going to be held on a larger scale as it will be qualifying for the regional final which will take place in Gironde. Every two years, a contest held in each of the 11 departments that are a part of the former Midi-Pyrénées and Aquitaine regions will qualify two packs of hounds for the regional final. Out the twenty or so packs, only five of them will be eligible to compete in the National Final in the Hérault department. This is a highly selective contest for the 20 packs from Aveyron with only two of them reaching the regional final.
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  • From January 12, 2019 until January 13, 2019
    * Samedi et dimanche toute la journée