Conférence : Arts sacrés de l'Inde

Lecture at Saint-Affrique

Conférence : Arts sacrés de l'Inderobin isabelel
Robin IsabelleMidi libre
  • “One must have been experienced India's amazing civilisations once in a lifetime. Although India is often referred to as the subcontinent, I'd rather say that in India, you feel like you are on another planet… From this huge territory which is steeped in vibrant spirituality, I wish to bring out some typical aspects of a religiosity and of a culture that refers as much to the wonders as to the infamous. Throughout mountains carved with temples, the infinite beauty of bronze bodies and the apparent incongruity of these painted cows, you are invited to a trip through history and representation that could move you in the deepest part of your sensitivity.”
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  • On December 18, 2018
    * Mardi de 18h15 à 19h45 : Trésors du Rajasthan
  • On January 8, 2019
    * Mardi de 18h15 à 19h45 : Jaïnisme, religion des purs