Spectacle : Esquisse

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Spectacle : EsquisseCie : Barbara Melois
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  • In an open space reminiscent of the corporate world, a secretary works at the repetitive pace of document shredders. To flee her daily routine, she dreams up an ideal life where crumpled pieces of paper in the overloading office waste bins turn into sandy beaches, exotic travels and love affairs on the other side of the world. These administrative documents which are crumpled, torn and highlighted turn into an unusual and fanciful universe of transient paper heroes that come to life in the eye of the audience, during an outline, a dream or a song. Barbara Mélois creates a fantasy where day to day living turns into a fairy tale and the most trivial materials into chimaeras, monsters and marvels and she leads us along a poetic, exhilarating and caring meander made of shadows and papers. “A show of a great beauty which carries a sensation of smoothness and lightness… where the audience is amazed every time a puppet comes into existence; this is something similar to magic that leads the spectator to the personal borders of childhood and a willingness to leave his or her own daily human condition.” L’Humanité.This show is part of the “Marionnettissimo” puppet festival and the Cultural Season of Saint-AffriqueBarbara Mélois Company: Animated forms/PuppetsDuration: 55 min, suitable to all, from 7 years old                                         Due to a limited number of seats, booking with the Cultural Department is highly recommendedAround the show:Free afternoon snack from 15.00Puppets, script, puppetry: Barbara MéloisStage management: Estelle BaggsAssistant Director: Clémentine MéloisTips and tricks / machinery: Bernard MéloisVoice-over and watchful eye: Philippe Rodriguez Jorda
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  • On November 21, 2018
    * Mercredi à 16h