Spectacle : Z Ça ira mieux demain

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Spectacle : Z Ça ira mieux demainhttp://culture-villesaintaffrique.fr/z-ca-ira-mieux-demain/
Saison Culturellehttp://culture-villesaintaffrique.fr/z-ca-ira-mieux-demain/
  • Between the promises of a better world and the blind faith in a future that is beyond our understanding, we have chosen to tackle issues which are related to technology without using its tricks: using “low tech” to talk about future, freezers and mannequins to speak about transhumanism. While two coaches lead preparation sessions for the future, in the basement of a Smart Center, two temporary employees work to develop robot life assistants, humanoids supposed to make our life better. How in this cold and controlled retro-futurist environment can the accident, the part of the chance, the humor, the contingency, the absurdity and the life still emerge? Les Philosophes Barbares Company: Puppets/Large object theatre.This show is part of the “Marionnettissimo” puppet festival and the Cultural Season of Saint-Affrique.Duration: 75 min, suitable to all, from 14 years old.Due to a limited number of seats, booking with the Cultural Department is highly recommended.Around the show:- A Selection of books devoted to this topic is to be found at the Saint-Affrique Intercommunal multimedia library. - A programme with Les Philosophes Barbares Company is broadcast on Radio Saint-AffriqueDirecting: Glen CloarecActress-Puppeteers: Marion Le Gourrierec et Juliette NivardCo-writing and sociological eye: Aurélie DelcrosOutside view: Dominique HabouzitMusical and sound composition: Arthur DelavalLighting design: Jérémie AlexandreScenography: Delphine Lancelle
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  • On November 24, 2018
    * Samedi à 20h30