Théâtre : Victoire Magloire dit Waro

Theatre at Saint-Affrique

Théâtre : Victoire Magloire dit WaroPar la Cie : Konpani Ibao.
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  • This tragi-comedy play is set in the heart of the First World War. Between 1914 and 1918, 15,000 Reunion-born men pledged to put on the uniform to defend France. Through a social fresco which in turn is funny, fanciful or tragic, but always richly documented and which encompasses the intimate and the universal, the personal narrative and great History, the Konpani Ibao awakens the forgotten memories of these men whose lives were shattered by the Great War.« The Konpani Ibao invites all audiences to come on board this play and travel along the trails of the remembrance in a popular and challenging theatre. Valérie Cros who embodies different characters brilliantly switches from one role to another. Didier Ibao goes from human folly to oases of humanity to show us that war is not only a children's game. The two actors play their vibrant roles with talent, accuracy and ongoing bonds between them. » Le Quotidien de la Réunion.As part of: the Chainon network, the Échappées du Théâtre de la Maison du Peuple and the Cultural Season of St-Affrique.Company: Konpani Ibao.Duration: 1h10Suitable to all, from 10 years oldBooking with the Cultural DepartmentAround the show:-Exhibition on the First World War « Comme en 14… » at the Maison de la Mémoire-A Selection of books devoted to the topic is to be found at the Saint-Affrique Intercommunal multimedia libraryDirecting, scenography and acting: Didier Ibao, Valérie CrosAuthors: Sully Andoche, Barbara RobertCostumes: Juliette AdamLight: Nicole LéonforteDocumentation: Rachel Mnémosyne-Fèvre, Jean-Luc Arnould, Corinne Masson
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