The Characters

"My name is Gypsi, I’m an elf vulture. I love visiting my
elf friends in the Millau Grands Causses area. I love company
and of course I prefer flying, but sometimes walking is required
to see my friends." - 

"As for me, my name is Calion.Generally speaking, I like to stay in Millau.
I’m an elf-sheep and walking wears me out. My general knowledge however
is excellent and I can show you lots of things. You can find me in Gypsi’s
adventures, because that poor vulture is sometimes short of information
about the places he visits." - 


The concept

Geocaching is an activity that combines outdoor sports with the adventure of treasure hunting on a worldwide scale.

So you thought you were past the age for treasure hunts? That’s a pity! Because you could be missing out on an activity that is appealing to increasing numbers of nature and/or hillwalking fans. Geocaching consists of finding a hiding place or « cache » from GPS co-ordinates revealed on the Internet. It is usually very well concealed and may give you a rather hard time before revealing its mysteries.

Geocaching is based on a simple principle: you need to find a hidden box (called a cache) using your GPS co-ordinates and a good sense of observation. You record your find and then put it back in its place. The main aim of this treasure hunt is to show people some magnificent scenery or historic places.

Further information is available on the French Géocache website


It’s really simple!

Just take your hands out of your pockets, grab your smartphone and download the free GEOCACHING application available on Android and iPhone.

You then choose a treasure to be found from one of the Style Millau routes.

Set off on an adventure on the route of your choice. After that, it’s easy… just let Jules and Calion show you the way. They know the area like the back of their hand…

But once you find the treasure, mum’s the word! Just write a little souvenir message in the little booklet inside the cache and put it back exactly where you found it. You can then share your experience with your new friends on the mobile application. 

Feeling tempted? Don’t forget the perfect Geocacher’s kit: 

  • Smartphone or GPS
  • Pencil and notebook (for GPS option)
  • A good pair of shoes and a fired up sense of observation 
  • Fun and a sense of humour…