Once you’ve escaped the flurry of the town and before you set off into the vastness of the causse, numerous villages around Millau show off their charm and local character. Their old stones tell old tales while at the same time forming part of impressive structures. A walk among their walls is always a source of delight.

Among these villages, there is Peyre, downstream from Millau, watching over both the Millau Viaduct and the Tarn boatmen. Its troglodytic church, its houses built into the cliff, its cobbled streets and the attention given to its flowers have earned it a place among the very exclusive club of France’s Most Beautiful Villages.

Upstream from Millau, Mostuéjouls-Liaucous stands out as the western gateway to the Tarn Gorges. This village is built on the Causse de Sauveterre and opens out onto wonderful scenery. On this commune you can also find the hamlet of Liaucous with the emotional impact of its remarkable chapel and the thrill of its cliffs.

A different situation, different scenery: 15kms East of Millau can be found La Roque Sainte-Marguerite, a surprising village nestling on the bank of the river Dourbie. Further up can be found the even more astonishing hilltop village of Saint-Véran whose castle ruins blend into the rocks.

And these are but a few examples. All the surrounding villages seemingly compete in terms of natural charm and their wealth of heritage.

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