The Navacelles Cirque is a geological and ecological wonder, nestling at the heart of the Causses (plateaux) where you can find one of the greatest areas of megaliths in France. Its 300m canyon has been hollowed out by the river Vis for thousands of years and provides visitors with a spectacular panorama, as well as sheltering rare and exceptional flora and fauna.

Visitors are overcome with vertigo when they come to contemplate the panorama of the Navacelles Cirque. There is a 300m drop between the Causse du Larzac at an altitude of 618m and the bed of the river. As the sculptor Paul Dardé once said: 

"You could hide an Eiffel Tower in there!"

Nestling at the bottom of this huge depression can be found the little island commonly known as « lo roc del cayla », the village of Navacelles and the river Vis.

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