The Rouergue Bastides (fortified towns) were newly built in the Middle Ages with characteristic checkered-style streets generally leading to a central square. Welcome to the Country of Art and History of the Rouergue Bastides!

Villefranche de Rouergue

A central square surrounded with arcades supporting beatiful Gothic and Renaissance houses.

On this square: Notre Dame, a collegiate church with an imposing porch-belltower.

Surrounding this square can be found a labyrinth of neatly ordered streets full of unexpected charm.

Don’t miss the Market! It’s one of Aveyron’s finest (Thursday mornings). With a mixture of colours, smells and flavours of dried pork meats, great bread, aligot (mashed potato and cheese), farçous, (meat and chard pies), truffade (potatoes and cheese), fouace (brioche) and Marcillac wines, it’s the whole Aveyron terroir that’s on offer!



A rocky spur, a single street with timber frame houses, a fortress perched 200m above the Aveyron (the river, that is!). And you are guaranteed an exceptional panorama from the top of the medieval keep!

A fortress bastide town listed today as one of France’s Most Beautiful Villages…


Did you know that Aveyron is the French département that boasts the highest number of France’s Most Beautiful Villages? 10 in all!