Take time to experience Millau!

Going for a walk, having an apéritif at a café terrace, listening to live music at a street corner, watching passers by strolling past… this is a town with a distinctly South of France flavour.

Just like any holiday destination with a radiant lifestyle, not a day goes by without some form of entertainment!  Now that could be the title for the seasonal events guide in Millau and in the villages of the Grands Causses.

Farmhouse produce markets, music at café terraces,  music festivals, theatre, nature workshops, village festivals, meeting craftsmen, unusual visits, waterside guinguette music… variety in a dream setting!

Each to their own style! …and you will always be welcome in Millau!


Amid the abundance of this entertainment, there are major events to liven up the schedule. Do you know the Natural Games, an international festival of extreme sports and music (kayaking, slackline, rock-climbing, acrobatic paragliding, mountain biking…)? And the Millau Jazz Festival, 10 days of concerts and jazzed up meetings throughout the region? And the Festival des Templiers, trail races that attract trail runners from all over the world? And… and… and what about you? What will you choose for your schedule?

You are in Aveyron: taste our art of living and eating!

The local farmhouse produce markets are not to be missed, with their patchwork of colours and variety of fragrances awaiting the visitor, in accordance with the season. It is also and above all a unique atmoshphere to experience, be it morning or evening.

Market days in Millau are Wednesday and Friday, on Place Foch, in both winter and summer. The stalls are surrounded by arcades and nestle beneath 2 majestic age-old plane trees.

On Fridays, the Market spills over into the adjacent streets as far as Les Halles, a covered market with metallic architecture reminiscent of the famous Pavillon Baltard in Paris.

On certain Mondays during the summer, beneath a starry sky, the town centre plays host to a big evening market where you can stroll through, explore, buy direct from producers and then eat and dance while you’re there.


In summer, the little villages aren't forgotten about

In Aguessac, the Sunday morning market in July-August always begins with a trenèls (traditional Aveyron haggis-like) breakfast. The charming Place de l’Ormeau then gradually fills up with regional products for the morning.

In Liaucous (commune of Mostuéjouls), the market takes place at sunset, next to the St Sauveur Romanesque church. What a delight to eat there, at the foot of the cliffs of the Tarn Gorges, with all the food and produce prepared by the 20-odd local producers behind their stalls.

Up on the Larzac plateau in summer there are two places, two evening dates not to be missed: on Wednesdays, the Montredon Farmhouse Market; and on Fridays, the Mercadou (little market) in Potensac. At these markets the local farmhouse producers provide sampling, on-site dinner, entertainment… all this in an exceptional natural setting.


It’s just that « the table » is so important in Aveyron! Markets, farmhouse inns, delicatessens, fancy food bistrots… various outlets for showcasing the local terroir farm produce.

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