Prehistoric stop

Dolmens and standing stones on the Grands Causses, funeral sites in the caves of the surrounding gorges and valleys.

Antiquity stop

The town was one of the main manufacturing sites for terra sigillata ceramics and pottery. The archaeological site of La Graufesenque enables the visitor to discover this period. The ceramic and pottery collections are exhibited at the Millau Museum.

Middle Ages stop

The Town has lots of very interesting details on offer from this period: medieval houses, Notre Dame de l’Espinasse Church…

2 monuments symbolise this period: the remains of the Pont Vieux (Old Bridge) and its tower, as well as the Tower of the Kings of Aragon which was crowned with a Belfry some centuries later…

The Enlightenment Century stop

Private mansions with sometimes sumptuous decor: Tauriac, Pégayrolles, Sambucy…

Millau became more beautiful and modern: the Ayrolle Wash-house was built.

The Modern Times stop

The Metallic Halle (covered market), in pure Baltard style, opened up the old centre of Millau.

The climax of the glove and animal hide industries « sculpted » and shaped a popular Millau. The Millau Museum recounts this saga of savoir-faire excellence.

Last stop

The Millau Viaduct, with its numerous records and patents registered, in 2004 became the first great work of art of the 21st century. So much more than a motorway!

2010 : the « Town of Art and History » label was awarded to the town of Millau by the Ministry for Culture and Communication.

Sambucy Mansion
This treasure was closed to the public for a long while, but today you can discover part of the sumptuous decor of this mansion, or so-called « castle », which was built between courtyards and gardens in the second half of the 18th century by Jacques Duschene, a Councillor to King Louis XIV and Master of Water and Forests for Rouergue and Quercy. 
The salons on the 1st floor were also decorated in the 18th century with numerous plaster works and paintings of hunting scenes recalling the building’s primary funciton: a hunting lodge.
Remarkable French-style gardens give the Hôtel de Sambucy an exceptional dimension.

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