Walks and hikes at your own pace

Come and explore these 3 hillwalks: the Ladder Path, the Trumpet Path and the Standing Stone Path. Each one of them has an exceptional character. These marked paths are fitted with interpretation signs to help you better understand each site and to make the most of the unique and conserved landscapes that open up to you.

Starting from the Tourist Office, the Ladder Path will take you all the way up to the Combalou Rock to reach the plateau after a 250m-high climb through the collapsed rocks, up the 2 ladders and across the plateau where the sheepfold (jasse) will delight heritage lovers. This 6km walk is ideally suited to experienced hikers.

The Trumpet Path, between Tournemire and Roquefort, is a 4km extension to the Ladder Path, providing you with a stunning view of Tournemire Cirque.

The Standing Stone Path is the most playful of the three. It first takes you to the banks of the Soulzon stream on a fairly flat 3.6km path, perfect for a family walk. At the water’s edge, you will be able to discover a standing stone and a boxwood passageway. You will also be able to try the flora and fauna quiz all the way along the path.