A history of passionate men and women

Before Roquefort can exist as a cheese, before the ripening in the cave, the whole region goes to work on it: 2,000 farms, 750,000 ewes and over 4,000 employees.

Come and share the daily routine of these men and women who will open their doors for you to discover a world that will surprise your eyes and delight your taste buds. The sheep-breeders will welcome you into the convivial atmosphere of their farms, providing you with the opportunity to discover their sheepfold, their flocks and all their know-how.

A festive culture

The importance of Roquefort’s PDO label has contributed substantially to the economic development of a region where, in certain areas, ewes outnumber people. People who strive to liven up their area with Lacaune ewe-based festivals and gatherings.

In Southern Aveyron, every year in the month of June, the Requista Ewe Festival is a perfect illustration of this attachment to their territory. Sheep-shearing, hand-milking, the sheep market, sheepdog trials etc. are among the higlights of this pastoral celebration that has become a must-see in the region.

There are a host of festivals and gatherings aimed at showcasing the Roquefort PDO… make sure you’ve got your diary close at hand!

Visit the farms