The village of Roquefort

Roquefort is a gateway to the Causses and Cévennes territory which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as « Living and evolving cultural landscapes of Mediterranean agro-pastoralism ».

Lying at the heart of the Grands Causses Natural Regional Park, the cheese-making village of Roquefort has a population of 700 and is perched at an altitude of 630m. It stretches along the face of the famous Rocher du Combalou collapsed rock, in the south of the Larzac. Beneath the seemingly quiet surface, lies a hive of village industry. Almost 1,000 people work underground in caves that have been refurbished by man over the course of time for the ripening of the famous cheese. Genuine savoir-faire that has been passed down over the centuries and which continues today in the den of the fleurines (from the Occitan word for « blowhole »), these natural galleries whose « breath » man has gradually learned to control.