Adopt the Roquefort attitude, "be Roquefort"

Be Roquefort with the General Confederation of Ewe’s Milk Producers and Manufacturers of Roquefort – what’s a « rock for », after all ?! Visit the blog and the Roquefort Facebook page. You’ll find all sorts of original recipes and tasting advice, as well as the guide for joining the community of Roquefort addicts!

There are also many events for highlighting our culinary heritage (Taste Week, The Agriculture and Food Fair…). You can find these gourmet events in the « diary » section.


Read the book A quelle sauce le Roquefort va-t-il être mangé ?

This little collection of recipes and other Roquefort-related secrets isn’t a book like any other book. It was written by the children from the village school with the support of the Tourist Office as part of a pedagogical project entitled « The memory of my village through the five senses ». It is not only a tasty mixture of collected or invented Roquefort-based recipes – it also explains the cheese-making process, its smell and ways of eating it.

Exquisite advice, spicy stories, drawings, children’s paintings and extracts of stories are all voraciously mixed together, much to the delight of your eyes and taste buds. In a playful and original way, this book recounts the evolution of cuisine and tastes over time. Something for you to devour slowly, but to your heart’s content!