Underground alchemy

Geological history has modelled this place which is totally unique. A tectonic accident during the Quaternary Period caused the Combalou to collapse, a mountain made mostly of limestone masses on a bed of marl.

The caves are fitted out with rows of shelves and are ventilated via the fleurines (natural galleries) which maintain a constant air temperature of between 8 and 12°C, in both summer and winter, as well as 95% hygrometry thanks to the inlet of water through the collapsed rock. Between January and July, which is also the milk-collection season, the cheeses slowly ripen in this natural environment of stone and wood. The caves are open to visitors all year round for you to discover the mysterious universe of the King of Cheeses.

Visits of the Roquefort cellars and workshops

Visite virtuelle d'une cave de Roquefort