Nestled in a valley in the heart of the forest, in an exceptional setting both in terms of nature and heritage, Sylvanès Abbey was founded in 1136 by Pons de l’Héras, a reformed ex-brigand who, touched by Divine grace, decided to live the rest of his life serving God… It took the monk builders over a century to construct the fabulous abbey church.

At the end of the Middle Ages, the abbey entered a long period of decline – it was sold as property of the state during the Revolution and the building became a stone quarry, a barn, and even a sheepfold.

The abbey was listed as a historic monument in 1854 and was purchased by the commune of Sylvanès in 1970. Since 1975, it has undergone an exceptional renaissance thanks to the dynamic activities of the Friends of the Abbey Association under the auspices of Fr André Gouzes and Michel Wolkowitsky, the current Director General.

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What to visit in the Abbey: (the abbey church, the scriptorium (13th century), the eastern gallery of the cloister). Numerous options to choose from: free visit, guided tour, group meals…