Style Millau is the destination brand that has been developed by the Millau Grands Causses Tourist Office. It symbolises the specific nature of the activities and art of living unique to its area; it is a reflection of the personality of its environment, inhabitants and products.

Style Millau, is for directing you towards an activity or professional that enhances the typicality of the territory, be it entertainment, leisure activities, gastronomy, savoir-faire…

The outdoor sports service providers who use the Style Millau Quality have created a genuine « quality project » in agreement with the « Tourism Quality » approach which has been requested and supported by the French Ministry for Tourism; the leisure activities provided, be it for a few hours or for a few days, combine rigour and security with the quality of their welcome, friendliness and respect for the environment at all times. In addition to this, ome of them benefit from the « Grands Causses Natural Regional Park » label.

The craftsmen that have signed the Style Millau charter undertake to sell products that are at least 75% their own local production.

The « Style Millau » restaurant owners undertake to promote local products and culinary specialities that identify Aveyron in their menus.

And in terms of quality, the Tourist Office has not been left out since it holds the Tourism Quality national brand. There’s nothing like leading by example!

You can find our partners who hold the Style Millau quality brand here