White cherry blossom flowers are a sign of spring and they don the Tarn Valley orchards in a pretty white veil. Next come the green and the red! Welcome to the White Valley – Red Gold Country!

Cherries form part of the History of the Tarn Valley and they are still the main crop here.

The Burla and Reverchon varieties are well known… less so, perhaps, the Tigrée (Tiger-striped), Napoleon, Belle de Juillet (July Beauty), Cœur de Pigeon (Pigeon-heart), Marmot, Queen Hortensia, Jerusalem, William… each one has its own history and the Conservatory Orchard in Paulhe will tell you all about it!

Cherry-farms are family-run and their production is traditional. Cherries are not just for eating – they can be used as ingredients for jams, apéritifs, syrups and juices, as well as soaps, bath salts, thermal cherry-stone neck pillows… Today cherries can be seen alongside plums, apricots, peaches and vineyards… The Aveyron terroir is getting richer by the day!

To find out all there is to know about cherries, visit the Maison de la Cerise (Cherry Museum) in Paulhe:

Maison de la Cerise

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