There are numerous dessert specialities in Aveyron, but there’s a trio that’s not to be missed: flaune, fouace, gâteau à la broche… Bon appétit !


This is the ultimate Southern Aveyron dessert which accompanies the greatest moments in the life of an Aveyronnais. Flaune is a tart made from whey (curdled ewe’s milk) and flavoured with orange blossom.



Fouace is often presented in a heart-shape and is the popular sweet dish in Aveyron: for breakfast served with coffee, tea or hot chocolate, for dessert served with custard or for a snack served with jam (cherry jam, of course!) – whatever tickles your fancy!


Gâteau à la broche - the King of cakes

This work of art is reserved for major occasions: weddings, christenings, family meals… This cone-shaped cake is made on a wood-fire, on a rotisserie, slowly, layer after layer.

Can be eaten on its own, with a piece of chocolate, or with a little glass of champagne (responsibly!)… a delight.